Uploading and converting text images to Google Docs


Optical character recognition (shortened to OCR) enables you to convert images text images into editable documents. It does this with the use of sophisticated computer algorithms. Images can be processes individually or even in multi-page PDF documents. Below is a list of file types suitable for OCR:

Image or PDF files acquired with the use of a flatbed scanner

Pictures taken with digital cameras or mobile devices


Google Docs, takes your uploaded images or PDF files, scans the file, and finally uses computer algorithms to transform the file into a Google document.

Limitations and Requirements

For best results, the image or PDF files should comply with certain requirements.

  • High-resolution images. To achieve efficient results high- resolution images are recommend each line of text in the document(s) should be a height of at least 10 pixels.
  • Documents with horizontal left-to-right content is recommended and better recognized. If you've accidentally scanned or captured a document in a different orientation, you might have to scan it again
  • Most OCR software’s support traditional fonts and characters as well as a number of languages(depending on which OCR software you are using) E.g. the Google docs OCR engine supports a number of character sets, but non-Latin character sets is still experimental. Therefore your chances of receiving better results are increased if your file or document includes common fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial.
  • High quality (sharp images with even lighting) images work best.
  • A standard size of up to 2mb is recommended for both, images as well as PDF documents.
  • When processing a document Google Docs tries its level best to maintain the original text formatting (e.g. bold or italic, font pint size etc.). However, such intricate details can be quite difficult to detect and it might not always succeed.
  • Other text formatting elements are likely to be misplaced.

E.g. bulleted as well as numbered lists, tables, text columns, and footnotes or endnotes Employing an image to text conversion technology makes creating editable copies of your file quick and easy. All you have to do is- make sure you follow through with the necessary instructions and your image to text conversion endeavour will be a success.

How to use Google OCR?