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Assamese Language

Assamese is a language spoken by the Assamese people of Assam, India and Bangladesh. It is the easternmost member of the Indo-European language family. Assamese has its own script, the Assamese script, which was originally derived from Brahmi through Gupta scripts, and later from the Ahom and Nagari scripts. Commonly it is written in parallel with the English alphabet. The oldest known documents written in Assamese are a few Buddhist and Jain manuscripts preserved at the British Museum and other collections in Britain and France. The Assamese language has had its own local literary tradition since 15th century. The earliest example of Assamese literature is a poem written at the 11th century called "Charyapada". Later on, Vaishnava literature represented by Srimanta Sankardev's Mahabharata (the first draft of which was completed in 1590) and Madhabdev's Bhagavat were produced during medieval times.